Atlas of the Wounded Buildings


„I’m seeing with a thinking eye“ (Roland Barthes)

In a city as big as this how could someone see all the small details, how could someone ever remember all the long gone stories of long dead people? Architecture is a book, that‘s what you would see if you have a closer look. There‘s so much written there, in languages even historians don‘t fully understand.

„Atlas of the Wounded Buildings“ tries to remind of a history in Europe which is only two generations away. But the signs of these events are fading out. Bullet marks and even half destroyed buildings are disappearing or shining in new restored beauty. Architecture is much more than unchanging surrounding. It’s a body that‘s collecting memories and opens a view into other situations and times. Using bullet holes to reconstruct events in history could be a starting point for a kind of forensic imagination.


Support and Guidance
Clemens von Wedemeyer + Anke Dyes

Production assistant Poznan
Maria-Magdalena Wawrzyńczyk

Camera assistant Budapest and Prague
Alexander Repp

Camera assistant Berlin and Leipzig
Thomas Taube

Meyrick Kaminski

Advicing help
Dr. Wolfgang Hocquel
Susan Schuppli, Chris Cobb-Smith – Forensic Architecture, London

Quotes and inspirations taken from
Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida (La chambre claire)
Marshall McLuhan, sensorium of the five senses

Thank you
Sebastian Strauß, Ulrike Melzwig, Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig,
Sebastian Gögel, Katrin Haucke, Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann,
Ingolf Höhl, Andreas Szabo, Eva Somosvari, Marek Prikryl & Klara,
Thomas Moecker, Jan Ehrlich

PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. London/UK (Nominated for Golden Trellick Award – shortlist)
ARQUITETURAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Lisbon, Portugal – Award Winner/Best Experimental Film)

TALPE. WELL SAID, OLD MOLE (Collateral event of Manifesta 12) – Group exhibition. Palermo/Italy
CINEMA PERPETUUM MOBILE FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Vilnius/Lituania
CINEMA PERPETUUM MOBILE ISFF – Festival Screening. Minsk/Belarus (Award Winner)

16TH INTERNATIONAL KANSK VIDEO FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Kansk and Moscow/Russia
LEIPZIGER JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG – Group exhibition. Leipzig/Germany
KURZSUECHTIG – Festival Screening. Leipzig/Germany – Honorable Mention of the jury
VKRATZE! 2017 Days of German and Russian short films – Festival Screening. Volgograd, Russia – 2nd Prize/Best Film
CAIRO VIDEO FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Cairo/Egypt

GENIUS LOKI – Festival Screening. Weimar/Germany
BACKUP FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Weimar/Germany
EMAF EUROPEAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Osnabrück/Germany (premiere one channel version)

ATLAS OF THE WOUNDED BUILDINGS. Video installation, Schaubuehne Lindenfels, Leipzig/Germany (as three channel installation)