How the wooden structures survived in my mind

How do memories actually come about? Isn’t it a process that involves both – forgetting and reinventing? This construction process of memories is symbolised in the film using architectural fragments. The camera moves through structures reminiscent of film sets as well as abandoned places. We are reminded of places we’ve been before, we are guessing. The Australian voice actor, heard from somewhere in the dark, remembers details of his way to school in Melbourne, reports on forays through foreign cities and describes these structures from his memories. 

„“Memory makes the most beautiful movies…“ A voice is heard in the dark while a flashlight traces the wooden skeletons of half-erected buildings and frames. Using architecture, sound distortion and a nocturnal floating camera, the construction of memory feels like a dream remembered and instantly forgotten; a memory not something to be preserved but destroyed outside the mind.“ Angie Driscoll – (HotDocs Toronto)


Narrator: Meyrick Kaminski
Camera, Editing and Concept: Thadeusz Tischbein
Sound recording, tape machines and sound mix: Gregor Pfeffer



(soon) 30TH HOT DOCS Canadian International Documentary Festival – Festival Screening. Toronto/Canada
(soon) ARQUITETURAS FILM FESTIVAL – Festival Screening. Porto/Portugal
STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER – Festival Screening. Stuttgart/Germany (Premiere)