Inventory (Inventar)

Video Preview

By Thadeusz Tischbein and Ingolf Höhl

1984, in an office lit with pale neon light: Regina Meyer, stenographer, dusts her Dieffenbachia amoena . A heavy smell of glue is in the air . She opens the drawer and takes out the big dictionary to look up a word.

The two artists, even barely escaped a life in an office, devoted themselves already in earlier work the bizarre relationships in office and working environments. In this project they are interested in the strong associative link of certain plant species with the office. This is due to the preference for certain plant species in an office environment, which led to a „mono culture“ of the office plants in the 70s and 80s, and certain types can appear almost synonymous with office plants.

HD, 16:9, 5:49 min, english language
HD, 16:9, 5:34 min, german language (first version)



EIDÔLON Philosophical Film Festival – Festival Screening. Liévin/France
mtv – media art televise! – Group exhibition/installation. Bremen/Germany
kurzsuechtig – Festival Screening. Leipzig/Germany
Ozark Shorts – Festival Screening. Lamar, Missouri/USA

exground Filmfest 2015, Wiesbaden/Germany
E-Werk-Festival 2015, Weimar/Germany
backup Festival – Festival Screening. Weimar/Germany – Honorable Mention of the Jury of backup award
vkunst – Festival Screening. Frankfurt/Germany
EMAF European Media Arts Festival – Festival Screening. Osnabrück/Germany
Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival Screening. Stuttgart/Germany